Evan Marlowe

Evan is the Amazon bestselling author of Menagerie and Call of the Kaiju. He is the writer and director of Abruptio.

Kerry Marlowe

Kerry is a producer of Abruptio, as well as the producer and writer of previous features, Blood Rush and Horror House, both distributed by Brain Damage Films. Kerry was also the star of the cult classic short film, Bedfellows.

Savage & Spies

Film composers Patrick Savage and Holeg Spies are best known for their work on The Human Centipede (First Sequence). Patrick was formerly principal first violinist for the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, while Holeg is a composer and producer of music that blends styles from around the world.

Jeff Farley

The creature and makeup effects artist who has contributed to films such as The Taking of Deborah Logan and The Serpent and The Rainbow, Jeff will be the key puppet fabricator.

John Sellings

John is a visual effects artist who runs Viva Vancouver Productions. He has worked on Metamorphosis, Project Kronos and Serial Kaller.

Bryan Bowen

The Emmy-winning sound designer whose work includes Van Helsing, American Beauty and The Italian Job will be creating the soundscape.

Mark Todd Osborne

As colorist, Mark helped create the look of the indie hit It Follows.

Executive Producers

Susan & Barry Finlayson

Martin Lee White

Evan Marlowe

Our Info

Abruptio is being produced by HellBent Pictures, LLC, a production company under Sweet Home Films, LLC.

It is managed by writer/director Evan Marlowe and his wife, producer Kerry Marlowe.

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James Marsters as Les Hackel

Mr. Marsters is known for his portrayal of Spike on Joss Whedon's Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel. His film work includes P.S. I Love You and Shadow Puppets.

Robert Englund as Mr. Salk

Mr. Englund is a cinema legend, whose Freddy Krueger will forever haunt the planet. More recently he starred in Fear Clinic.

Hana Mae Lee as Chelsea

Ms. Lee appeared in the Pitch Perfect films as Lilly. Her TV work includes Californication and Mike & Molly.

Jordan Peele as Danny

Mr. Peele is half of the Emmy-winning comedy duo, Key and Peele. Credits also include MADtv, Bob's Burgers and Childrens Hospital.

Christopher McDonald as Police Chief Richter

Mr. McDonald's film credits include Grease 2, Happy Gilmore, Thelma and Louise, The Faculty and Requiem for a Dream.

Sid Haig as Sal Cheek

Mr. Haig portrayed the iconic Captain Spaulding in House of 1000 Corpses and The Devil's Rejects, and has also starred in numerous other films since the 1960s.

Rich Fulcher as Dummkopf

Fans of British TV will remember Mr. Fulcher from The Mighty Boosh. Recently he has starred in shows for Comedy Central and Adult Swim.